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We love Avaaruha

Avaaruha is set to redefine how people in the Middle East travel, by going beyond the functional and generic services any other online travel agency offers. .

With a fresh, bold take on travel, we have created an inventive platform that enables the Middle Eastern traveller to venture beyond the usual routes. A journey with Avaaruha begins way before you book a flight, hotel or holiday package through our website or mobile apps. We challenge you to go on adventures that will make you experience new things, explore new destinations and come back with the most exciting tales to tell. And we do this by offering you inspiring content, as well as dedicated products and services

Who We Are?

To live up to our promise of excitement, we treat every hotel as more than just an accommodation, every flight as more than just a means of transport, and every destination as the next possible chapter in your personal book of adventures.

Our website and state-of-the-art mobile applications offer convenient and effortless booking experiences for flights to thousands of destinations, complete holiday packages and over 1 million hotels all around the world.

What We Do?

  • Customers First
  • Technology Leaders
  • Supply and network
  • Product focused
  • World class people
  • First Class Flights
  • 5 Star Accommodations
  • Inclusive Packages
  • Latest Model Vehicles
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • World Class Service
  • Handpicked Hotels
  • Accesibility managment
  • 10 Languages available
  • +120 Premium city tours